What does DM Jewellery online do for you?

DM Jewellery Online is an online retailer based in the UK of costume Jewellery. Our jewellery is from exclusive suppliers from across the world.

How does dmjewellery deliver the purchased Jewellery?

For UK orders, we use a first class Royal Mail service to deliver the items to you, which are normally sent out the next day unless orders are placed before 1pm and are next day delivery, then they are sent out the same day, all orders need to be signed for.

Is DM Jewellery an international service?

Yes Dm Jewellery Online is an International Service. The delivery times may take up 10 working days in international transit.  Please be aware you may be liable for customs and taxes.

Can customers have a refund/ exchange if they do not like their jewellery?

DM Jewellery Online cannot refund or exchange the items if the customer does not like the purchased product.  Should there be a manufacturing fault then an exchange/ refund may be available.  For health and hygiene reasons, customers will need to understand that items containing earrings cannot be returned.

How is Jewellery Packaged?

DM Jewellery Online will supply all our items in gift boxes or ensure the item is
bubble wrapped depending on the items. This is to ensure the protection of the
jewellery during transit.


Jewellery Cleaning & Care tips

Many gemstones must be altered in order to enhance their appearance. This is
usually done to produce colours not usually found in nature. Some gemstones get
scratched and lose their lustre while others keep sparkling. Gemstone “hardness” is
measured using the Moh’s scale, 1 being the softest and 10 being the hardest.


Easiest Method to clean your Jewellery.

You will need a:

Soft Cloth

A clean bowl filled with lukewarm water
Mild dishwashing liquid or jewellery cleaning solution
Soft toothbrush

Before starting to clean, check that the settings of your jewellery are secure, so the
gems do not become displaced during cleaning. If you’re using a specialised
commercial cleaner, also make sure that it has been properly sealed and is not past
its expiry date, since stale cleaning solution could damage certain types of jewellery.


The Clean

This is the easiest method for cleaning all types of jewellery safely:

Pour mild dishwashing liquid into the bowl of lukewarm water – the right amount will
depend on how many jewellery items you’re cleaning, but generally mix one-quarter
of lukewarm water with 2 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid.


Place your jewellery into the bowl and let it soak for 10 -20 minutes to loosen any


Very gently (so as not to scratch the metal or gems), rub each jewellery item with the
soft toothbrush.


Use the toothpick to tackle any difficult nooks and crannies.

Once cleaned, place your jewellery into the strainer and rinse it thoroughly under the

Double-check that your jewellery has been washed clean of all dirt.
Dry it gently with a soft towel. To be sure your items are completely dry before
storage, it’s a good idea to leave them lying on the towel for about half an hour.


When it comes to silver, polishing is crucial as this metal is prone to tarnishing. It’s
advisable to use a specialised paste, liquid polish or a treated polishing cloth that is
specifically intended for silver.


The Storage

Ideally, all your jewellery items should be stored individually, either in a soft pouch or
plastic bag – this prevents chips or scratches caused by items rubbing against each
other. If there are certain bracelets and necklaces you choose to keep together, do
fasten their clasps to avoid tangling. It’s also best to keep your jewellery in a cool,
dry container that is not exposed to direct sunlight since this can discolour certain
gems. For silver, you can buy special tarnish-proof cloths to wrap it in.


The Handling

While some metals and gems are more durable than others, all jewellery can be
chipped or scratched accidentally, so it’s always best to remove it when doing sports
and household chores.


Water is also damaging to jewellery as it tarnishes silver and can weaken clasps, so
be careful to remove any items when bathing and doing the dishes. If you do get
your jewellery wet, always dry it thoroughly afterwards.


The Chemicals

As a rule, never let your jewellery encounter chlorine, bleach and other chemicals,
since these can cause serious damage to gems and metals. In addition, oil-based
lotions and certain liquids that we use daily such as hairspray, mousse and perfumes
will build up a dull residue which causes jewellery to lose its brilliance, and this can
then be difficult to remove. For this reason, it’s always best to remove your jewellery
when grooming. Keep your jewellery away from water, perfumes, deodorants, body
sprays, etc.. Clean with a soft dry cloth if needed.


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